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Healthy People is developed to be the pioneering management consultancy in the Middle East, special-ized in employee Health and Wellbeing, based in Dubai. We believe in the role of science in the business environment, and we apply the latest scientific researches in both the fields of Lifestyle Medicine and Positive Psychology to help people to flourish and support organizations to thrive in the current competitive and economically challenging environment. 
The world is recognizing the importance of Health and Wellbeing at work, "Organizations have a responsi-bility to ensure health and safety in the workplace, and to promote the health* and wellbeing of their employ-ees, their families and communities". (*WHO Healthy Workplace Framework and Model 201 O) Good Health and Wellbeing (Ensure healthy lives, and promote well-being for all at all ages) is the third of the World Health Organization's sustainable development goals, where health is defined as, the state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. 
Lifestyle Medicine is an evidence-based approach to treating, reversing, and preventing chronic disease through non-drug means, including a plant predominant diet, regular physical activity, adequate sleep, stress management, meaningful social relationships, and avoidance of risky substances. 
The Six Domains Lifestyle Medicine in Action 

•    Better Health
•    Lower Absenteeism
•    Increased Engagement
•    Greater Focus 
•    Higher Energy
•    Heightened Creativity
•    Fewer Accidents
•    Higher Productivity

Positive Psychology is about understanding and facilitating happiness and subjective well-being. "it is "the scientific study of optimal human functioning" "It aims to discover and promote factors that allow individuals and communities to thrive" (Sheldon, Fredrickson, Rathunde, & Csikszentmihalyi, 2000) 

We stand out by our three main pillars: 

•    Lifestyle Medicine; addressing both physical and mental health.
•    Positive Psychology; utilizing the science of wellbeing.
•    Business leadership experience that understands most recent challenges
We offer:
•    Corporate Strategy:
Strategic consulting for corporates to develop their own standards and policies for employee's health & wellbeing.

•    Health & Well-being programs:
Comprehensive tailor-made programs addressing; physical & mental health and overall employee well-being.
•    Well-being Hub: 
Develop an integral well-being hub addressing workplace environment and the need to have proper break times during working days. 
•    Training:
Onboarding seminars for corporate leadership teams and educational programs for employees.
Executive Coaching: 
One to one executive coaching to support leaders to enhance their lifestyle as well as their teams.

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