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Our Vision: To transform corporate productivity through personalised, data-driven wellness solutions for executive teams.


Our Mission: To offer tailored wellness programmes that enhance personal and corporate productivity by leveraging advanced data analytics and proven wellness techniques.




Precision: Our wellness solutions are data-driven to guarantee measurable and manageable outcomes.


Innovation: We utilise cutting-edge technology and methodologies to optimise wellness.


Commitment: We guarantee results through dedicated programmes and client commitment.


Leadership: Our programmes enable executives to lead by example, fostering a healthier corporate culture.


Sustainability: We focus on developing sustainable habits for long-term wellness.


Transparency: Our approach is grounded in clear, data-driven insights and outcomes.


Elevator Pitch


Evexiya specialises in delivering transformative wellness programmes for corporate executive teams. Our solutions are data-driven, utilising commercial-strength wearable trackers and a comprehensive wellness optimisation software suite. With a focus on measurable outcomes, we help leaders improve their physical and mental well-being, resulting in enhanced productivity, reduced absenteeism, and a healthier workplace culture.


Header Ideas


  • Data-Driven Wellness for Executive Teams

  • Health Solutions for Corporate Leaders


Tagline Ideas


  • Data-Driven Health for Performance-Savvy Leaders

  • Optimising C-Suite Health, Driving Business Wealth

  • Wellness Strategies for High-Impact Leadership

  • Peak Performance Through Precision Health


Who, Where, and What


Evexiya provides data-driven wellness solutions to executives and corporate teams. Drawing on years of expertise in C-Suite wellbeing, Founder Derek Stark is widely regarded and respected for delivering products and services that improve personal and business-wide productivity. Through his pioneering work with his Leadership Fitness Pro and the Better Man health and weight loss regimes, he has transformed the lives of hundreds of executives.


Our solutions are firmly rooted in data. We utilise commercial strength Whoop wearable trackers along with a wellness optimisation software suite to provide precise, actionable insights. Guided by the principle that "if it can be measured, it can be managed," we recommend a 6-12 month wellness roadmap that guarantees results.

Our programmes are designed for teams of 10-20 C-Suite leaders, and by attacking the root cause of health and vitality concerns, they build sustainable good health, sleep, and nutrition habits, reduce stress, improve physicality, increase energy, and boost focus, happiness, and confidence.


We believe that corporate wellness is more than a passing fad. It’s a critical component of business success. Executives who lead by example can significantly impact their organisations. Companies that invest in executive wellness report improved efficiency, enhanced productivity, and reduced absenteeism.


Our initial focus is on the tech sector, where executives are particularly receptive to wellness initiatives due to their familiarity with data, analytics, KPIs, and tangible outcomes. Their fast-paced, high-stress working environment, often combined with the need for frequent travel and close alignment with AI and predictive analytics, makes these executives ideal candidates for our programmes.


Our People


Our success is driven by a team of dedicated professionals with extensive experience in wellness and productivity enhancement. At the helm is Derek Stark, who has a decade of experience coaching hundreds of clients. His background includes an Advanced Diploma: Level 3 Personal Trainer from YMCAfit - Fitness Industry Training, as well as multiple certifications in suspension training, nutrition, group exercise instruction, mindset, and habit coaching.


Derek’s passion also extends beyond the corporate world. As the Director of Sales and Marketing at Mercy Worldwide, he drives the organisation’s growth and global impact in a pivotal role that underscores his personal crusade to provide children around the world with better health, education, and character development options.


Our support network of consultants is united by a shared vision of improving corporate health through innovative wellness solutions and is critical to our success.

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