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The Able Mind, headquartered in Bangalore, India, is revolutionizing mental healthcare by prioritizing prevention. We envision a democratized future where proactive well-being is the standard, not a luxury. Our innovative platform acts as a scalable shield, empowering individuals to build resilience against everyday stressors while meeting individuals wherever they may be in their Mental Health journey.

Think of it like physical health. We take preventative measures to stay physically strong; shouldn't we do the same for our minds? The Able Mind app is the key. Accessible and designed for a broad audience across multiple languages, it equips users with immediate access to counsellors for "on-the-go" support, personalized offline therapy over text, and resources and strategies to build mental strength, regardless of background or location. This inclusivity extends beyond the app. Tailored all-inclusive programs like "Student Success" and "CARES" address the specific pressures faced by students and corporate employees – groups often vulnerable to stress and anxiety. These programs equip them with tools to enhance overall resilience and minimize the impact of daily stressors on their academic and professional lives.

The Able Mind is on a mission to create a cultural shift. We believe everyone deserves to thrive, not just cope. Led by a powerhouse duo, Rohini Rajeev, a psychologist with over 22 years of experience, and Rajeev Vijayan, a former corporate leader with 24 years of global experience, The Able Mind leverages their unique blend of business, technology, and therapeutic expertise to make a real difference by empowering individuals and communities, everyday, to build a future where mental well-being is not just a distant dream.

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